The Woodland Consort

A recorder quartet located in north Seattle, Washington. We play primarily Renaissance and Baroque music and are members of the Seattle Recorder Society.

We have performed at the Winter Festival and Crafts Fair at the Phinney Neighborhood Association for several years, and occasionally perform in other venues.

We are sad to announce that John Vandermeulen has moved out of our area and will no longer be appearing with us. We wish him our best and want him to know there is always a chair waiting for him here.


Click here for large picture of 
  John Vandermeulen, Susie Keithly, Ellis Hillinger, and Susan Burris at St. James Cathedral 
  attending the American Handel Festival, March 19, 2011

American Handel Festival at St. James Cathedral, March 19, 2011


We have many special talents that make us the perfect choice for your next soirée:

  • We know which end of the recorder to blow into
  • Some of us are cat lovers
  • Sometimes we all play the same piece of music at the same time
  • We can say hemiola with a straight face
  • There is very little risk that we will ever start playing "It's a Small World"

The type of events we are appropriate for include:

  • Investitures of minor functionaries
  • Happy fizzie parties
  • Meetings about irrelevant and obscure subjects
  • Birthday parties for ages 115 and up

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Fantasia by Holborne & Fugue by Loesser, at SRS Members Night, 2012: <BGSOUND src="OSanctissima.wav">